About Us

Hello and welcome to my Electrical Engineering Blog! I am Bidyut Sarma, an Electrical Engineer hailing from the vibrant land of India. I am thrilled to share my passion and insight about the world of electrical engineering through this platform.

A glimpse of my journey

From tinkering with circuits as a curious youngster to pursuing a formal education in electrical engineering, my journey in this field has been nothing short of fascinating. I have been fortunate to be mentored by some of the brightest minds in the industry and gain hands-on experience in various projects, which has further fueled my passion for innovation.

Why this blog?

This blog is my humble attempt to bridge the gap between the intricacies of electrical engineering and inquisitive minds eager to learn. Electrical engineering, with its rapidly evolving technologies, can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Through well-crafted articles, insightful tutorials and thought-provoking discussions, I aim to make this world more accessible to enthusiasts, students and fellow engineers.

Let’s Connect

I am excited to connect with fellow electrical engineering enthusiasts, students and professionals from India and around the world. You can contact me through social media or through the contact form on this website. Let’s exchange ideas, experiences and insights. Thanks for being a part of this journey. Let’s light up the fascinating world of electrical engineering together!

warm Regards,

Bidyut Sarma